Chapman Adds Building Performance & Renewable Energy Services

Chapman Construction/Design has expanded its construction management services to identify opportunities to reduce consumption and implement strategies that maximize building performance, reduce operating costs, and tap renewable energy sources.

Rooted in the firm’s commitment to sustainable design – nearly 40% of its employees are LEED Accredited Professionals – and its success managing LEED new construction and commercial interiors projects, Chapman’s added service is unique in the industry. Many firms look at one piece of the energy puzzle but few have the vision or the expertise to see how all the pieces fit together.

Chapman begins with a building survey, looking for opportunities to cut down on energy use by employing such strategies as day-lighting to reduce lighting power density, shading to reduce cooling loads, and high efficiency fixtures that qualify for utility company rebates.

Should a client wish to implement any of the energy-saving strategies identified in its survey, Chapman follows its standard construction management model, bidding the work to multiple subcontractors in all of the major trades to guarantee competitive pricing and exceptional value. Construction management is a collaborative and transparent approach to project delivery.

Having first identified the most cost effective strategies, only then does Chapman turn its attention to the roof to determine if the building is suitable for a renewable source of energy, such a solar power.

“It is critical that property owners first consider strategies that substantially reduce their energy consumption. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a solar array until you’ve examined your building’s overall efficiency,” Chapman Director of Sustainable Practices Guy Compagnone said.

Using information gathered on the roof, Chapman prepares sunlight and shading studies and a financial analysis that estimates cost (less rebates and tax incentives), pay-back, and return on investment. If a client wants to explore grant eligibility or design and install a custom photovoltaic system similar to the one Chapman installed on its own roof, Chapman will manage the entire process.

“We’ve seen first-hand that there’s a real desire out there for these kinds of energy efficient improvements because they make financial and environmental sense,” Compagnone said.

published 01.05.2009

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