Everyday Sustainability


Less construction waste in landfills. Reduced energy and water use. Improved cost efficiencies. To ensure that every project benefits from these significant savings, we’ve integrated basic sustainability practices into our standard construction procedures.

We’ve established baseline construction practices that are better for our environment and our clients, such as:

  • A waste management plan that diverts more than two-thirds of construction debris from landfills
  • An indoor air quality program that ensures clean and healthy environments both during and after construction
  • Selecting low-impact building materials such as those produced regionally with high recycled content and low levels of VOCs and other toxins

These simple changes make a big difference on all of our projects. Whether you care deeply about sustainability or have other priorities, our standard sustainable practices are part of every project we work on.

Going Greener

Is sustainability a core philosophy for your business? Are you interested in LEED certification or breaking new ground in green construction? You’re in the right place. We’ll deliver your sustainability goals with a practical and cost-conscious sustainable thinking.


We are the industry leader in sustainable construction practices, with extensive experience with LEED administration. Come explore our LEED Platinum, solar-powered office to see our showcase of sustainable strategies and products.

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