SELT Mathey Center for People and Nature

Epping, NH

Architect: Sheldon Pennoyer Architects

Photos: Ridgelight Studio. Drone Images by Orazio Guevara

Construction of a two-story wood-frame building to serve as the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire’s headquarters. The new building contains office and programming space to facilitate the organiza­tion’s nature-based programming.


The fossil fuel free building was constructed using sustainable practices and operates at the highest building performance standards, including a high-performance building enclosure with continuous air vapor barrier and insulation to create a super-tight and well insulated building will reduce energy loads.


Wood framing was used to reduce embodied carbon footprint and locally sourced thermally modified wood was selected for its longevity. To limit solar heat gain during the summer cooling season and allow it during the winter heating season, new recessed windows and sunshades were installed to reduce loads and operational energy. The solar panels that line the roof combined with the five ground-mounted solar arrays can fully power both The Mathey Center and the adjacent farmhouse.