An Extension of Our Team

We believe strongly in being a great place to work – for our employees and our subs. This means treating every single person with respect; ensuring clean, safe, and healthy work sites; negotiating fair terms; providing clear expectations and frequent feedback; paying attention to our subs’ workloads; and always paying on time. This allows us to build trusted relationships with subs who consistently deliver the highest level of quality and client service for our clients.

Be the Best. Demand the Best.

When a project is complete, it represents all of us: the quality of the workmanship, the smoothness of the process, the strength of our relationships, and the impressions that we leave. Our subcontractors are an integral part of every project’s success.

How We Choose Sub Partners

We have the utmost respect for our subcontractors’ skills and experience and have partnered with many of our subs for more than 20 years. The basis for these successful relationships is respect and our shared dedication to quality, safety and sustainability. A rigorous qualification and evaluation process helps us identify subcontractors who are the right fit for Chapman.

Interested in becoming a qualified subcontractor? Tell us more about why you’re a good fit for Chapman by completing our pre-qualification form.

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