Chapman Earns Platinum!

We did it! We have achieved Platinum LEED certification for our office renovation.

We earned 44 credits — every credit we sought and two more than we needed for Platinum, the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest rating. LEED is an internationally recognized measurement system for rating green buildings.

Ours is just the third Platinum LEED-certified commercial interior in Massachusetts.
This award further defines Chapman as a construction management firm specializing in sustainable interiors, renewable energy, and building performance.

Chapman employees designed, built, and managed the project; others among us provided LEED consulting services and documented our credit submission.

In response to hidden conditions revealed during construction, we refined the structural design for our 47 kW photovoltaic array, which generates nearly all the power needed by our office, earning us one Sustainable Site credit and one Innovation in Design credit.

We also earned innovation credits for our fuel efficient vehicle program, which loans hybrids to project managers for company business, and our educational outreach, which perhaps more than any credit embodies our corporate commitment to sustainability.

Through daily tours of our facility and our Sustainable Product Resource Center, we share what we learned during and since our renovation with building professionals and clients.

We also used the renovation to teach our employees, rotating site supervisors onto the job to prepare them for the rigors of running LEED projects. And the volunteer participation of office and field staff in a “barn raising” during which we installed 208 photovoltaic panels on our roof topped off a company-wide shift to a green mindset.

Our visitors recognize that mindset. Over and over again we hear them say that we don’t just talk the talk but we also walk the walk.

It’s all part of the package that we have to offer in an economy that by all predictions will recover because of the growing demand for expert green services. We have that expertise, and our Platinum LEED certification proves it.





published 09.10.2009

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