Chapman Offers Sustainable Alternatives for All Projects

As part of our proactive effort to pursue environmentally friendly approaches on our projects, Chapman has added a menu of sustainable options to the project budget spreadsheets we present to clients. This “Green Options Spreadsheet,” combined with Chapman’s Green Products Database, simplifies and outlines relevant green products and services so that clients have the ability to make greener choices at the outset of their projects.

The spreadsheet outlines the available green options per construction category, presented as alternates to the budget total. Any combination of these options can be selected, depending upon the client’s wishes. Chapman’s Green Products Database and its informational sheets supplement the Green Options Spreadsheet, providing clients with detailed product information, pros and cons, installation techniques, and an explanation of any specific maintenance that the product might require.

The spreadsheet includes green options relating to: debris recycling, water-efficient fixtures, sustainable finish materials (products that contain recycled content, are recyclable, and/or rapidly renewable), low-VOC paints and adhesives, lighting occupancy sensors, and energy-efficient lighting products that can earn rebates from utility companies.

published 11.24.2008

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