Chapman Teaches Sustainability at Wentworth

Chapman Construction/Design has paired with Wentworth Institute of Technology to offer its students a comprehensive review of green building fundamentals and integrated design principles, as well as a credit overview of the USGBC’s rigorous 2009 LEED v3 for Green Building Design and Construction standards.
The intensive six-session program is designed to develop an understanding of the LEED system, sustainable building practices, and the knowledge that is essential for the LEED AP exam. Topics include site selection, structure and envelope, mechanical and energy management systems, insulation, glazing and lighting, indoor air quality and daylighting, material selection, design, and administration.

This program is led by Chapman’s Director of Sustainable Practices Guy Compagnone, LEED AP and Senior Project Manager Adam Bowen, LEED AP. Guy has 20 years in the construction industry and a background in education and environmental technologies. Adam, a Wentworth graduate, has been with Chapman since 1999 and oversees the training of all project management staff.

Wentworth Senior Co-op Advisor Robin Slavin said that Wentworth is offering this program to develop their students’ understanding of the LEED system and sustainable building practices so that they can bring these skills with them as they enter the workforce. Citing the rise of LEED-certified buildings and the increasing numbers of LEED Accredited Professionals, she said it is important for Wentworth to be aware of changes and advances in the industry. She believes the program will provide the students with a solid platform of knowledge of these green building practices, which, along with their appreciation for the impact this can have on the environment, will prepare to them to be future industry leaders.

Chapman and Wentworth will be offering an expanded green building program for the fall 2009 semester. “The passion for the issues of sustainability that employees at Chapman possess is enthusiastically expressed when they speak to our students,” said Slavin. Chapman has employed WIT co-ops for years, and 30% of Chapman staffers are Wentworth graduates.

published 07.30.2009

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