Chapman’s Fall Education Seminar: Net Zero Energy NOW

How You Can Achieve Net Zero Energy On Your Next Project


What is a net zero building?
Are they technically achievable today?
Why should you consider owning one?
Are they too expensive?

In this seminar Bill Maclay, architect and author of The New Net Zero, explores answers to these questions using examples of net zero energy commercial, institutional, and residential buildings, such as NRG Systems office and manufacturing facility, the Putney School Fieldhouse, the State of Vermont Courthouse, and the new NZE Environmental Learning Center in Lincoln designed by Maclay Architects and built by Chapman Construction/Design. In addition, Maclay shares a proven energy modeling and financial analysis methodology for assessing performance and providing clients with tools to make prudent choices for their future projects.

In this program you will learn:

  • The essential components, technology, and design principles of net zero energy buildings.
  • How net zero can be incorporated into functional, healthy, and beautiful spaces, buildings, and communities that enhance and inspire users’ daily experiences and lives.
  • Methodologies for assessing financial feasibility and building performance.
  • How net zero design could be an achievable option for future projects.

Watch a recording of this seminar here!

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