New CFN Lunchroom Highlights Sustainability

Chapman recently embarked on a complex, multi-phased interior renovation of Commonwealth Financial Network’s Waltham headquarters, just the latest project in a partnership that has spanned nearly two decades.

Each area within CFN’s headquarters contains its own employee lunchroom, and it has been their long-standing tradition to outfit each one with a unique theme—a 1950s diner, a sports kitchen, and a surf shack, among others. For their fourth floor lunchroom, CFN chose to highlight some of the sustainable construction methods and materials in use throughout the renovation.

The “sustainable lunchroom” incorporates a long list of eco-friendly materials including cork flooring, bamboo veneer millwork, agri-fiber substrates, low-VOC paints and adhesives, and ceiling tiles with a high recycled content. In addition, the lunchroom was outfitted with Energy Star appliances, high-efficiency lights, Solatube sun tunnels, as well as daylight and occupancy sensors. The lunchroom has been a huge hit with CFN employees who appreciate the well-designed space as well as the environmentally conscious methods and materials that went into its construction.

published 06.27.2011

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