Rosie’s Place Nears Completion

Chapman is nearing completion on a project for Rosie’s Place, an agency founded in 1974 to provide services for poor and homeless women. Chapman is constructing a new administrative building for Rosie’s Place at 47 Thorndike Street in Boston.

The four-story attached brownstone building has double the footprint of the dilapidated, 100-year-old structure that formerly stood on the site, thanks to land contributed by the neighboring Boston Water and Sewer Commission. The new building has been designed to mirror the neighboring residential brownstone to which it is attached.

Today, Rosie’s Place employees and trustees, as well as representatives of Boston Water and Sewer Commission and the Boston Mayor’s office, toured the new building in preparation for their relocation from the Rosie’s Place headquarters at 887 Harrison Avenue.

The new Rosie’s Place building is the most recent project Chapman has undertaken for the nonprofit organization. Chapman has worked with Rosie’s for nearly 10 years on a variety of projects, the most notable of them being the ground-up construction of a new dining facility at their headquarters at 889 Harrison Avenue, Boston.

published 04.10.2008

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