Wind and Solar Light Up Boston Scientific’s Campus

With sustainability incorporated into all aspects of their operations, Boston Scientific is always proactive about reducing their impact on the environment. So when the time came to upgrade their outdated street lights, they naturally chose a cutting-edge, energy-efficient option.

This new technology from Illumient combines a 300-watt wind turbine, a 280-watt solar panel, two batteries, and a high-lumen white LED lamp to create an off-the-grid lighting source that maximizes efficiency. The lights are equipped with dimming motion sensors to conserve energy when the road is not in use, and a system that provides remote production monitoring, control, and service.

The lights took two weeks to install. The process began with solar and wind studies to identify the placement that would maximize productivity. Eight-foot holes were then dug to support the new footings and concrete bases, and once the lights were assembled, a crane dropped the posts into their bases. Now when you enter Boston Scientific’s Marlborough campus, you are greeted by a dozen solar and wind-powered light posts that lead you to their LEED-Gold certified headquarters.

Over the past four years, Chapman has worked on more than 100 projects with Boston Scientific including office fit-outs, lab spaces, a fitness center, and base-building upgrades. Chapman’s project team included Josh Laurie, Jason Collins, Bob Delano, Jason Emord, Arianna Gerrior, and John Twomey.

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