2020 Year in Review: People

2020 presented us with countless challenges and obstacles. While many of our annual team-building events, volunteer outings, and wellness activities were put on hold, we were fortunate enough to adapt to the chaos and find unique and safe ways to connect with colleagues!

Happy-hour video chats and virtual games like Pictionary and trivia became our way to connect with each other outside of meetings, Slack, and emails. We even hosted a virtual baby shower for one of our colleagues. When the weather allowed, we met for some fun, socially distanced activities.

Virtual Baby Shower, Pumpkin Carving Party, Beer and Cheese Tasting Holiday Party

Although life seemed to slow down, it never stopped! Members of our team celebrated many exciting milestones. Tom Hansen retired as Chapman’s General Superintendent after more than 20 years here. Vice President of Corporate Administration Tammy Ferreira celebrated 25 years with Chapman. And some of our most dedicated team members received well-deserved promotions. Congratulations to all!

Tom Hansen, Tammy Ferreira, Staff Promotions


Even though learning went virtual this year, our team continued to pursue their education goals! Project Manager Jack Hall received his MBA from Babson College, and Assistant Project Manager Tracy Strong and Construction Supervisor Gerry Scott both became ASHE Certified Healthcare Environment Workers. HR Manager Anna Barden received a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from CoreNet, and our management team participated in monthly trainings covering topics from sensitivity and leadership to delegation and coaching. Our entire team took advantage of the new virtual offerings from industry organizations, and we even created a comprehensive training database with vetted content as a resource for all employees.

Tracy Strong, Gerry Scott, Jack Hall, Anna Barden


The health and well-being of our employees is always a priority. This year, COVID-19 threw us a curveball, temporarily shutting down many of our projects. Our team acted quickly and developed comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety plans for our jobsites and offices, and we invested in new technology and PPE, allowing for a safe and healthy return to work.

When many gyms closed and our typical fitness activities were cancelled, we encouraged our employees to stay active and healthy during these stressful times. We hosted and participated in numerous wellness events and challenges, including our annual Winter Wellness Challenge and newly created Spring Couch Potato Challenge! We even hosted a remote 5K in lieu of our annual team-building fishing trip.

Thompson Island Virtual 4K, COVID-19 Safety Protocols, Chapman Fish Out of Water 5K

We had to get creative when it came to giving back to our community in a safe way. From video calls with Chapman’s Santa to virtual galas and a socially distanced volunteer renovation project, Chapman was there to lend a helping hand! To expand our community outreach efforts, we implemented a company donation match program, as well as an annual paid volunteer day for employees who wish to support a non-profit cause of their choosing.

Mass Audubon Extraordinary Moon Virtual Gala, Virtual Santa Chach, Building on Hope

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