Employee Promotions

June 2024

Please join us in congratulating the following employees on their recent promotions:


Jenna Anglin has been promoted to Director of Internal Operations. With Chapman since 2017, Jenna consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities and a strong commitment to Chapman’s success. Her outstanding problem-solving abilities, clear communication skills, and remarkable organizational talents have made her an invaluable asset to our team.

Known for her tireless work ethic and strategic vision, Jenna excels at breaking down long-term goals into actionable milestones. She consistently challenges the status quo to improve our processes and operations, driving the company towards its objectives.

Jenna’s approachability, patience, and ability to bring the team together make her an excellent mentor and resource for her colleagues. Her leadership style combines assertiveness with supportiveness, fostering an environment where team members can thrive.

In her role, Jenna will develop, implement, manage, and improve Chapman’s operations and processes. She will focus on supporting organizational efficiency and promoting a culture of ongoing improvement. We are confident that Jenna will continue contributing significantly to Chapman’s growth and success.


Bill Berard has been promoted to Director of Finance. With Chapman since 2019, Bill is known for his problem-solving skills, positive attitude, and easygoing demeanor. He is a valued collaborator across the organization and has greatly enhanced our financial operations and strategic decision-making processes.

His strong analytical skills, vast knowledge, and experience have been instrumental in analyzing our financial performance and making informed predictions. He excels at developing efficient procedures and managing the flow of financial information between accounting and project management platforms.

Bill has also demonstrated exceptional leadership in growing and evolving our accounting department. His commitment to fostering teamwork, combined with his approachability and willingness to help, make him an outstanding leader and mentor. His ability to explain complex financial concepts clearly while considering more than just the monetary aspects has been a significant asset to Chapman.

In his role, Bill will continue to manage the overall workflow, operation, and direction of the accounting department. He will partner closely with Chapman leadership to provide strategic guidance and recommendations on financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting while identifying opportunities to positively impact company performance and mitigate risk.


Randy Davenport has been promoted to Senior Construction Supervisor. With Chapman since 2014, this promotion is a well-deserved recognition of Randy’s exceptional problem-solving abilities, keen attention to detail, and steadfast commitment to excellence.

Randy’s expertise and ability to find innovative solutions for complex challenges have been instrumental to our success with many of our secure campus clients. His mastery of ICD 705 compliance and SCIF construction and his ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously with a calm and patient demeanor have been invaluable assets. Randy received his ICD 705 Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities certificate and even developed his own AI platform for ICD 705 physical and technical construction practices.

We are excited to see Randy continue to thrive and grow in his new role while continuing to exceed client and team expectations.


Sean Foran has been promoted to Assistant Project Manager. With Chapman since 2022, Sean’s work ethic, technical knowledge, and team mentality have made him an incredible asset to our team.

Sean’s unwavering commitment to getting the job done, combined with his collaborative approach and humble demeanor, has earned him the respect of both Chapman staff and our partners. His extensive onsite experience enables him to overcome project challenges at a highly proficient level. Sean is a team player and will often take the time to explain concepts and problem-solve on projects beyond his direct responsibilities.

In addition to his project-related duties, Sean received his ASHE Physical Environment Worker and Certified Passive House Builder certifications this year and actively participates in our internal Chapman Networking and Sustainability Groups.

Sean’s embodiment of Chapman’s Core Values, including integrity, excellence, and teamwork, in addition to his contributions listed above, have earned him this well-deserved promotion.

Sean was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’


Sam Giancola has been promoted to Project Manager. With Chapman since 2023, Sam’s exceptional performance, keen attention to detail, and in-depth understanding of construction processes have earned him this well-deserved new title.

Sam consistently demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of construction procedures, ensuring our projects are executed with the highest levels of professionalism and quality. His commitment to staying in constant contact with field staff allows him to quickly address project questions and needs, facilitating seamless project coordination. Sam’s dedication to maintaining and strengthening relationships extends beyond our team to include subcontractors and clients. Sam has become a vital team member on noteworthy projects for long-term clients. In addition, Sam is a key contributor to our internal Sustainability, Chapman Networking, and Training Groups!

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Sam’s upbeat attitude and desire for camaraderie have cultivated a positive and collaborative work environment. Furthermore, his commitment to professional growth is evident through his recent involvement with the NAIOP Developing Leaders Committee.

We look forward to Sam’s continued contributions and leadership in his new role.

Sam was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’


Mike Gortze has been promoted to Construction Supervisor after successfully passing the Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisors Exam!

Mike joined our team in 2021 with extensive experience as a journeyman glazier. Since joining, Mike has excelled as an Assistant Supervisor on many complex renovations in the corporate and higher education sectors. Some of Mike’s projects include Seyon Façade, Tudor Investment Corp, Boston University Student Health Services, and, most recently, office and wet lab renovations for MIT.

We are excited to see Mike’s knowledge of the industry, understanding of means and methods, hands-on ability, and organizational skills continue to lead him to success in his new role.


Katherine Lesko has been promoted to Marketing Manager. After six years with Chapman and three years of exceptional contributions to Chapman’s marketing team, Katherine is known for her strong work ethic, positive attitude, creativity, and willingness to help with any task.

In her time with the marketing team, she has mastered every new task she has taken on. From our internal newsletter and website updates to social media and proposals, Katherine ensures our employees, clients, and partners stay informed of everything Chapman does! Katherine is an essential member of the business development team; she is an active participant in our BD meetings and manages the Chapman Networking Group. Beyond marketing and BD, Katherine contributes to many facets of Chapman; she is a member of our Sustainability, DEI, and Hiring Groups and serves as our unofficial culture captain, flawlessly planning and executing Chapman’s team-building events.

Outside of Chapman, Katherine has become heavily involved with the Society for Marketing Professional Services Boston chapter. This year, she won the SMPS Boston Emerging Professional of the Year award and is the incoming director of the Professional Development Committee!

Katherine was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’


Kevin McGinty has been promoted to Senior Construction Supervisor. With Chapman since 2016 (not including his student co-op!), Kevin’s exceptional organizational skills, in-depth understanding of building science, and effective communication skills are invaluable assets to our team and every project he works on.

Kevin’s high degree of organization and his ability to communicate effectively among subcontractors, design staff, and clients have facilitated seamless project coordination and collaboration while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Notably, his successful management and execution of numerous high-profile projects for clients in secure facilities demonstrates his full understanding of the means and methods required to successfully execute projects of this nature. Kevin recently received his ICD 705 Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities certificate, further showcasing his knowledge and expertise.

Beyond his job duties, Kevin’s proactive approach to working with our procurement team has provided valuable input for identifying and selecting the most appropriate trades for each project. In addition, junior staff consistently praise Kevin’s willingness to share knowledge on the job, fostering a collaborative and educational work environment.

We are confident that Kevin’s leadership, expertise, and dedication will continue to drive our growth and success, and we look forward to watching him thrive in his new role!

Sam was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’

Kevin was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’


Justin Powers has been promoted to Vice President, Construction. With Chapman since 2016, Justin has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a constant “get-after-it” attitude that inspires the team. He consistently prioritizes Chapman’s best interests and excels at strategizing the best ways to pursue clients and projects, bringing a fresh perspective to our operations.

Known for his ability to connect with others and simplify complex topics, Justin ensures that everyone on the team, regardless of their expertise level, can engage and contribute effectively. His commitment to checking in on team members, ensuring they have the resources they need, and fostering a positive work environment has made him a respected and admired leader.

Justin’s skills in coordinating field resources and assembling effective project teams have been instrumental in improving our operational efficiency. His smart approach, professional demeanor, and initiative to drive improvements have significantly contributed to our success.

In his new role, Justin will continue to align construction operations with Chapman’s short—and long-term business goals. He will ensure that all Chapman projects are managed consistently, collaborate on financial oversight, and manage and forecast internal staff resources.


Christine Pulsinelli has been promoted to Accounts Payable Manager / Talent Acquisition. With Chapman since 2015, this promotion is in recognition of her invaluable recruitment efforts, willingness to take on additional responsibilities, and her steadfast commitment to our team.

Chris has played an instrumental role in our hiring process, skillfully screening resumes, conducting phone screens, and coordinating in-person interviews. Thanks to her dedicated efforts, we have successfully onboarded talented new members to our team. Chris also contributes to our internal Hiring Outreach Group and facilitates our internal DEI Group.

Moreover, over the past couple of years, Chris has taken on a larger role in selecting contract types and reviewing contract terms. Her responsiveness and attention to detail ensure that attachments are included and referenced appropriately and in a timely manner.

Thank you for all your hard work, Chris, we are lucky to have you on our team as a key contributor!


Evan Sadlowski has been promoted to Assistant Project Manager. With Chapman since 2022, Evan has demonstrated in-depth construction knowledge, a “do-what-it-takes” attitude, and a unique ability to maintain a calm demeanor while also having a strong sense of urgency.

Evan consistently goes above and beyond his typical roles and responsibilities to support the project team, readily lending a helping hand wherever needed. His exemplary communication skills, particularly with our field staff, ensure everyone stays aligned and has the necessary information for success. Evan’s contributions have been particularly noteworthy on complicated projects with many of our confidential clients. Furthermore, Evan’s recent involvement with the NAIOP Developing Leaders Committee showcases his commitment and desire to expand his knowledge and network within the industry. Evan is also a key contributor to our internal Sustainability, Training, and Chapman Networking Groups.

Evan’s exceptional work ethic, collaborative spirit, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made him an invaluable member of our team, and we look forward to his continued growth in his new role.

Evan was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’


Kevin Tavares has been promoted to Senior Construction Supervisor. With Chapman since 2012, Kevin has consistently demonstrated exceptional technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and leadership skills.

Kevin holds himself to a high degree of professionalism and consistently exemplifies a “do-what-it-takes” attitude to keep projects running on schedule and budget while maintaining an environment of support and respect. Kevin has played an instrumental role in successfully completing projects and creating strong relationships with clients like Parkland Hospital, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, and Lowell General Hospital. Kevin holds his ASHE Physical Environment Worker certification and ASHE Healthcare Construction Certification, signifying his understanding of the complexities of safely working within the healthcare environment.

In addition, Kevin has played an important role in mentoring our younger staff. Kevin often encourages trying new skills while offering guidance, simplifying complex concepts, and nurturing professional growth.

Kevin’s contributions have been invaluable to our team, and we are thrilled to continue watching him succeed in his new role.

Kevin was recently featured in the New England Real Estate Journal’s ‘Rising Stars Ones to Watch Spotlight.’

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